Arthroscopy - what does it consist of?

Arthroscopy is a surgical approach that, through the use of a camera and fine instruments, allows the surgeon to perform therapeutic techniques through small incisions (about 1cm), as opposed to the long incisions of conventional open surgery.

The arthroscope is a chamber designed to "look" into the joint or other space in the joint structures, incorporating a metal tube thinner than a pencil, attached to a fiber optic cable. The arthroscope has a camera that allows visualizing the anatomical structures and performing the intended procedures. For this purpose there are many small and adapted instruments to remove degenerate or broken tissues, regularize bone spurs and introduce saline solution or air in the work space in order to make these procedures viable. For the repair of ligaments and tendons are available anchors that allow their fixation to the bone through suture threads.

The advantage of arthroscopy over the open surgical approach is faster recovery and shorter rehabilitation period.