Provision of Services

Which are GO services?

GO will always give precedence to conservative treatments, including physiotherapy and injections. However when surgical interventions are indicated, the Group intends to devote particular attention to arthroscopic procedures, with exception to joint replacements and traumatology demanding open approaches. Provided treatments for the aforementioned conditions will include:

  • Shoulder
    • Joint and soft tissues steroid and platet rich plasma (PRP) injections
    • Arthroscopic capsulotomy with or without arthroscopic release of rotator cuff contractures 
    • Excision of calcific deposits from rotator cuff
    • Arthroscopic achromioplasty and/or acromioclavicular excision
    • Arthroscopic rotator cuff repair (with or without patch interposition, with or without long head of biceps tenotomy/tenodesis)
    • Arthroscopic and open Bankart procedure (labral repair) / Shoulder stabilization
    • Open Latarjet procedure
    • Shoulder replacement: hemi-arthroplasty, total shoulder arthroplasty and reverse total shoulder replacement
    • Open reduction and internal fixation of fractures
    • Removal of implanted devices
  • Elbow
    • Joint and soft tissues steroid and platet rich plasma (PRP) injections
    • Arthroscopic debridement and sinovectomy
    • Arthroscopic excision of loose bodies
    • Arthroscopic and open fixation of articular detached bone
    • Open ulnar or radial nerve release with or without transposition
    • Open bursectomy
    • Open medial or lateral epicondyle debridement and/or tenotomy
    • Open distal biceps tendon repair
    • Open reduction and internal fixation of fractures

GO Education

GO will provide educational events to healthcare professionals about shoulder and elbow conditions.

Go is available for other orthopaedic surgeons or residents in training that voluntarily intend to attend theatre dates, particularly in the presence of the invited consultant surgeon, to watch and participate as second assistant in different surgical techniques.

In addition, a biannual course or conference will be organized. GO will invite renowned shoulder surgeons to be lecturers in these events.

In the presence of foreign lecturers, English will be the official language.

Research and Development (R&D) Activities

Good data record is a priority for GO. This is in line with the will of publishing results and running research projects in the future.

The Group intends to be updated with the latest novelties in shoulder and elbow conditions and, if possible in the future, be pioneers in new treatment approaches found to be safe and effective for patients.

It is GO intention to maintain liaison with companies devoted to research and commercialization of biological therapies, tissue engineering and robotics. Portuguese companies will be a priority to establish agreements and run clinical trials, considering their high quality services and also the intention of helping Portuguese economy.